How much does it cost to rent a party bus?

The cost to rent a party bus depends on several factors. These factors can be the time you are hiring the bus, the number of people traveling, type and capacity of party bus, traveling distance, etc. Usually, the cost is between $100/hour to $300/hour based on the bus you selected. 

For what events can the party buses be hired for?

Party buses are in trend for celebrating occasions. You can hire a party bus to celebrate a birthday partyprom partybachelor partynight party, or almost any event.

Can you drink on a party bus?

Of course, you can! From flavored drinks to alcoholic beverages, you can drink anything of your choice. Drink as much as you want as the chauffeur will take care of the transportation.

Can you smoke on a party bus?

No. We strictly don’t allow smoking on our party buses and other vehicles. If you need a smoke break, please let the driver know about it. He will take the bus to a safer place where you can smoke off the bus. However, E-cigarettes and vaping devices are ok. 

Are children allowed on the party bus?

We welcome people of all ages on our buses. But, when there is alcohol on the party bus, we do not permit anyone under the legal drinking age. In such instances, for our guest’s safety, we always check each passenger’s valid identification.

Do you service areas outside of Las Vegas?

In general, we operate our services within Las Vegas. But, we do offer special tours like Red Rock Canyon TourGrand Canyon TourHoover Dam TourPahrump Valley Winery TourValley of Fire Tour, etc. If you want a vehicle to a destination outside Las Vegas, please talk to one of our sales executives on (702) 861-0006.

How far in advance should I book a party bus?

You should book a party bus in as much advance as possible. It will allow you to select the vehicle of your choice and that too on your chosen date. In general, we advise booking about two to four weeks in advance.

Is there a minimum number of hours for the rental?

Yes. There is a minimum of four hours (Sunday to Thursday) and five hours (Friday and Saturday).

Can you bring food on a party bus?

Yes, you can! We advise you to either bring snacks or dry food items. Please note, we may charge you extra for spilled food or stains with difficulty in clean-up.

What method of payments are accepted?

We accept all major debit and credit cards for initial deposits. You can pay the balance amount to the driver in cash.

Can I inspect the party bus before renting?

Yes, you can! You are most welcome to visit us for the vehicle inspection. Talk to one of our sales representatives so that we can arrange a time for your visit.

What is an appropriate tip for the driver?

As an industry-standard, you can tip the driver 10 to 20 percent of the total rental cost. You can pay this tip in cash directly to the driver at the time of your pick-up or drop-off.

Are you fully licensed and insured?

Your safety is our priority. We are a fully licensed company, and all our vehicles hold valid liability insurance to cover you and your guests.

What is the deposit to rent the bus?

We collect about 15% to 20% as an initial deposit via credit cards. So, you must have a valid credit card to rent the bus. The card remains on file until the completion of the rental in case of cancellation or damages.

Which facilities are available on a party bus?

Our every party bus has disco lights, a LED screen, a music system, plush leather seating, a mini-fridge, and a restroom facility.